.:: Enzymes ::.

In the world of ingredients, few offer the same versatility as Biodan's enzymes. Used in industries like baking, dairy and culinary, and animal feed Biodan's enzymes cover a wide spectrum of applications.

Enzymes from Biodan can help you:

  • Increase shelf life of bread

  • Make cheese set correctly

  • Create a specific flavour

  • Prevent salad dressing from going rancid

  • Improve the efficiency of pig and poultry production

  • As regards shelf life extension and process optimisation, our enzymes provide cost efficient benefits.

  • Research team

  • Development of new enzymes is an ongoing process and many new enzymes target specific problem areas.

  • The efforts led by a very strong research team as well as some of the world's best application technologists ensure that our clients' needs are met.

.:: Colours ::.

Biodan works with suppliers which have close to one century of experience in manufacturing premium annatto colour.

Biodan has been the leading supplier in the industry for many years and has the largest annatto colour extraction operation in North America.

We have grown from our expertise learned from the dairy industry and expanded the knowledge into prepared foods applications such as beverage, bakery, confectionery, oils and fats, snack foods, seasonings and dry mixes for various food applications.

As a major producer of annatto colour, we have high process capacity and ample raw material reserves to ensure a stable supply and price. Biodan colour group can satisfy the food industry's colorant needs from yellow, orange to red by unique formula and various colour blends.


.:: Flavours & Fragrances ::.

Biodan offers modern laboratory facilities producing a vast range of flavours for the food and beverage industries.

Biodan combines flavour creativity with profound knowledge of other food ingredients, tailoring our products to meet the exact requirements of the individual customers.

From traditional to tropical, cola to citrus, cheese to chocolate, fruit to fudge-like, Biodan supplies one of the most complete flavour ranges available, fully accommodating international flavour preferences.

Today we rank among the top experts in the global market for:

  • Vanilla

  • Milk

  • Chocolate

  • Butter

  • Citrus

  • Cola

  • Savoury

  • Soft fruit flavours

The Biodan flavour range comprises natural and nature-identical flavour products in liquid, paste and powder form.

Biodan's objective is to add value through innovative, consumer-driven and novel concepts by being a powerful partner creating synergies between ingredients and flavours.


.:: Hydrocolloids ::.

Investments in innovation, technology, expansions, strategic alliances and acquisitions have made Biodan one of the leading and most recognised suppliers of hydrocolloids.

The products are sold to the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and health care industries and technical assistance is offered through a network of experts in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. The range of products fits well with the Biodan's one stop supplier concept.

Biodan produces six types of hydrocolloids, each of which is manufactured from selected raw materials of high quality:

  • Pectin

  • LBG

  • Guar gum

  • Alginate

  • Carrageenan

  • Xanthan gum

The hydrocolloids produced by Biodan are all water-soluble polymers. The dosage required is very low, which makes these hydrocolloids highly suitable for use in food products.